In July 2014 we assisted with the rescue of 10 pigs who were being kept in a trash and broken board filled pen at a trailer park in North Carolina, with no shelter, food or water.

Although we were already full to capacity, we still could not turn away from these pigs who desperately needed a home, especially when one of the females gave birth to seven piglets, just as they were about to be rescued.

As these babies will grow to be large 800 lb adults, we needed to secure funding to build an additional barn where they can be safe and warm in the winter and out of the elements if it rains or snows.

We reached out to our supporters for help, and we are profoundly moved and grateful that you all donated funds for us to build a beautiful, warm barn!

These pigs now live the life that they deserve, with large grassy pastures to roam on, a stream to cool off in, and a beautiful new barn to protect them and keep them happy and healthy. Thank you!