abbie-pigletsMeet Abbie

Abbie was rescued from miserable conditions in a trailer park in North Carolina where she was being kept without shelter, food, or water.

When we heard that Abbie had given birth to seven piglets and that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had not been able to find them all a permanent home yet, we knew we had to help!

We didn’t want the babies to be separated from their mother, so we took in Mom and all seven of her piglets.

For the first time in their lives, they were able to munch on grass and sleep in a straw-filled bed. They even rolled in the mud and explored their new area!


These happy pigs will now be together as a family for their whole lives.

Thanks to PETA for saving all these wonderful animals and transporting them to Poplar Spring, and thanks to volunteer Maureen McGowan for taking all these great photos!

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