aggieMeet Aggie

Aggie is a Red Shorthorn cow who was rescued when she wandered onto a farm in Winchester VA, likely escaping from a livestock auction less than a mile away.

The woman who found her called her neighbors, but nobody locally was missing a calf. The sheriff’s department and the local animal control offered to take Aggie and sell her for slaughter, but the caring woman refused and decided to instead keep Aggie until she was tame enough to get onto a trailer.

After feeding and caring for her for a few months she became a little more trusting, and in December 2011 we were able to pick her up and bring her to Poplar Spring. She is a very sweet and lively cow who is happily living her life in peace and contentment.

Aggie spends most of her day grazing on grass in our 400 acres of pasture. Her best friend is Nellie, another young cow who is just a few years older. The two of them buck and run and play together, and Nellie is often seen grooming Aggie. Their main diet is grass and hay, with a little sweet feed given twice a day. Apples and bananas are Aggie’s favorite treats.

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