darcy_tallyMeet Darcy and Tally

Darcy and Tally are both ex-racehorses and were rescued from being sold for horsemeat at auctions years ago.

Darcy, a Standardbred gelding, had been having difficulty with his vision for many years, as he acquired an incurable eye disease.

His best friend Tally, a thoroughbred mare, has always been bonded to Darcy since they arrived at the sanctuary a few years apart.

When Darcy completely lost his vision a few years ago, Tally seemed to sense that he needed help, and would stay close to him and nudge him away from objects that he would otherwise run into. We put a bell on her halter so that Darcy could hear her, and with her cooperation and his much more attuned senses, he has able to find his way around the entire 400 acre farm, only rarely getting lost. Darcy and Tally now spend their days happily grazing and running and playing in the fields with the other rescued horses and mules.