Meet Dexter

dexterDexter is a Thoroughbred gelding who was abandoned on the sanctuary property in July 2010. We saw a strange horse grazing in the fields with the other rescued horses one Summer morning and went to investigate.

We found Dexter, who was only a yearling then, and was severely emaciated, with insect bites all over his body.

He was very nervous, untrained and afraid of being touched. His back was crooked, and one of his eyes was cloudy and weepy. We called all the local animal controls and checked with the neighbors, but nobody had reported a missing horse, so we officially adopted Dexter.

The vet examined him and said that his back had been previously broken probably when he was a foal, and had healed crookedly. He had a bacterial infection and an ulcer in his eye, and after months of treatment and TLC his eye cleared up, and he gained weight and became much calmer and friendlier. Dexter has now grown into a large gorgeous horse, who likes to run as fast as he can in the fields with his other rescued horse and mule friends. He loves apples and pears as his favorite treats.