ferdinandMeet Ferdinand

Ferdinand is an Angora goat who was rescued from an apartment building courtyard in Southeast Washington D.C.

He was only a few months old when he was found, and he was in very bad condition. The residents of the apartment building denied knowing anything about him or where he came from, and the D.C. Animal Control picked him up and brought him to the sanctuary in 2006.

When Ferdinand arrived he was extremely emaciated, you could feel all his ribs and bones under his long silky wool. Angoras are a breed of goat who grow wool, and he gets sheared once a year in May, just like the sheep.

After many months of treatment for parasites and lots of nourishing feed and hay, Ferdinand recovered from his former life, and has been very happily living at the sanctuary ever since. He is a little shy of people, which is typical of his breed, but once he gets to know you, he enjoys being pet, and will eat animal crackers (his favorite!) right out of your hand.