Clifford and JulietMeet Clifford and Juliet

Clifford is a Holstein steer and Juliet is a Jersey cow.

They were both rescued from a farm in Rockland County, NY in 2014. They had been chained to a tree with heavy chains by a farmer who was raising them for meat, and had been kept chained, with no shelter, since they were one week old.

Neighbors witnessed the calves repeatedly in distress during heavy storms, tangled in their chains and unable to move. The farmer was angered when the neighbors confronted him, and threatened to kill the cows.

Luckily, a caring animal control officer was able to convince the owner to give up custody, and they have been living happily at the Sanctuary ever since. They are very bonded and always rest together in the grass. They enjoy grazing, running and playing with the other rescued cows on the many acres of pasture and forest where they will be able to live together for the rest of their lives.