frannyMeet Franny

Franny is a rare Hog Island sheep who was found tied by her horns to a mailbox in Wheaton, Md.

A citizen called the police, and the Montgomery Co. Animal Shelter brought Franny to Poplar Spring in 2006.

Franny was very thin and her wool was very dirty when she first arrived. After lots of fresh hay, feed and TLC, she is now a happy and healthy sheep.

Franny spends her days grazing, running, and playing with her goat and sheep friends in her large pasture. Once she gets to know you she likes to be petted and scratched, and will even paw on your leg like a dog to be petted. In addition to grass, she eats timothy hay and a corn and oat mixture twice a day. She receives a fresh greens and oat mixture twice a day. She also receives fresh greens and fruits and vegetables that are donated to the Sanctuary. Her favorite treats are animal crackers and baby carrots.