Meet Adam

adamAdam is a young mixed breed sheep who was rescued when he was found in a wooded area in D.C. in a small cat carrier with five men surrounding him.

Someone who was cutting through the woods walking to a Metro station saw the men and the poor little sheep, and called the police. Adam was confiscated and transported to the D.C. animal shelter.

Luckily for Adam it is against the law to have livestock in the city, because the men were about to kill him. When Adam first arrived he was very dirty and thin. He had obviously been kept in the carrier for some time, and he was caked with manure and his wool all had to be cut off to clean him.

After a long period of receiving proper care and lots of love, Adam is now a happy and healthy sheep who loves to be pet. He even wags his tail like a dog when you pet him! His favorite treats are apple pieces and popcorn.