gloriaMeet Gloria

Gloria is a mule, born in 1975, who came to the Sanctuary from South Carolina in the Spring of 2002. She was trained as a driving mule (where the animal pulls a person in a cart behind them). A woman who drove by Gloria’s small enclosure every day noticed that the man who owned her was very cruel to her. She was living in a small dirt pen, and whenever she would escape to try to graze on grass, her owner would punish her by tying her head to her hoof. She purchased Gloria from the man to save her, and then brought her to Poplar Spring to live out her life in a safe and loving home.

Gloria now has a much better life. She is very tame and enjoys being petted and brushed. She spends her days with the rescued horses, grazing on the 400 acres of pasture and woods, and running in the fields. She receives a sweet feed (oats and corn mixed with molasses) twice a day, along with all the timothy hay she can eat. Her favorite treats are apples and carrots, but she will eat almost any kind of fruit or vegetable.