jasonMeet Jason

Jason is an Angus steer who was rescued in 2000 when the double decker tractor trailer he was riding in lost control and hit a guardrail near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jason was on his way with over 120 other cows, calves, and steers to a feedlot in Kansas.

There he would have been kept in a large dirt area with no shelter and thousands of other cattle, while he was fattened up on grain for another few months before being slaughtered for beef.

Jason was one of the extremely lucky ones. When the trailer rolled over, the upper level of the structure crashed down onto the animals below, crushing and killing over 100 animals instantly. Jason was on the top level, and was able to escape without any major injuries. Some of the cows were so badly hurt that they had to be euthanized at the site. A number of the animals who survived were taken to a packing plant, for a later trip to the slaughterhouse.

Jason was picked up, along with 21 other calves, by the OohMahNee animal sanctuary near Pittsburgh. They did not have space for all the rescued cows, so we agreed to take Jason and give him a permanent home. Jason has been here since October 2000, and has enjoyed happily grazing and roaming the sanctuary with other rescued cows. Jason has grown to be a very large steer. We estimate his weight to be around 2,000 lbs. He will often lay quietly in the grass while groups of visitors pet him, as he is very friendly. In the winter he eats lots of timothy hay and gets small amount of sweet feed, just so we can keep him coming to the barn to monitor his health.