Meet Lita

litaLita is a Yorkshire cross pig, who came to Poplar Spring as a young piglet in November 2010.

She was picked up by D.C. Animal Control with another piglet, Julio.

They had been used as a prank at a football game at a local high school, where they had been spray painted and tossed into the middle of the field during a game.

Terrified, they had run around squealing with people laughing and chasing them, until they were captured by the Humane Society and brought to the sanctuary. When Lita first arrived she was very thin and scared of people.

With lots of TLC and plenty of fresh food and water, Lita is now a healthy and happy pig. She loves to run and play, and root in the dirt with her brother Julio and the other rescued pigs.

She sleeps in a deep straw bed in the barn curled up next to Julio every night. Every day she receives pig pellets made out of corn and soybeans. Her favorite treats are bananas and pears.