peapodMeet Peapod

Peapod is a Yorkshire pig, who came to Poplar Spring from an animal shelter in New Hampshire.

He was rescued as a tiny piglet from a “pig scramble” at a local fair. During the fair, several children chased him around in a ring, until one of them caught him. This child was the winner of the scramble and he got to take Peapod home.

Instead of treating him kindly, and taking him to a nice, safe home, the child instead took him out into the parking lot, and with several other children proceeded to kick him and throw rocks at him.

Luckily, a security guard saw what was happening and grabbed Peapod and took him to the local shelter. They called us, and then drove Peapod over 500 miles to bring him to Poplar Spring. Here he will be able to live out his life in peace and happiness with the other rescued pigs. When Peapod first arrived he only weighed about 15 lbs. He grew rapidly, and now weighs about 700 lbs. He is a very healthy, active pig, who loves to run around in his four acre pasture.

He enjoys belly rubs, and any time you touch his ear he will just flop over to have his tummy scratched.

He eats pig pellets (corn and soybean pellets) twice a day, and his favorite treats are tomatoes and pumpkins.